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Wedding Flower Ideas that will Stand out on ‘Gram

When it comes to unique wedding flower ideas, there is no need to stick to the old tradition. Especially when it’s the occasion of wedding, you might have seen a myriad of arrangements like centerpieces, wedding bouquets, boutonnieres as well as aisle that make your ceremony more special with their enchanting presence.

However, when it comes to standing out in your Instagram photos, you need something more unique, extraordinary, and versatile arrangement that complements the entire decoration.

Therefore, many people consider the idea of buying fresh wedding flowers from online florists who comprise plenty of flowers available in different sizes, styles, colors, and patterns. After all, you have to gain more likes, comments, and appreciation for your #Instagram. Right?

So, let’s move on without further ado and have a look at some stunning wedding flower ideas from Canberra florists who outsource flowers from fresh farms.

Mesmerizing Ceremony Backdrop:

Your ceremony backdrop is undoubtedly a mesmerizing arrangement that captures the eyes instantly and helps you get more likes and appreciation even from people you don’t know. This backdrop will be clearly visible through your photos which is why it is important to aesthetically design the area with high-quality flowers.

For example, you can consider using some small delicate arrangements that slowly grow above on both sides and join at some point in the middle, where you, your partner, and other guests could stand together. This beautiful idea will make the entire arrangement look stunning and leave people in awe.

Flower Arch:

There are different wedding flowers that are currently popular in seasons such as sunflowers, gardenias, lilies, and ranunculus. If you want something extraordinary, we recommend you choose sunflowers in bright yellow shades that spread beauty and elegance with their appearance. Arrange them in an arch shape at the entrance or the entry point of the stage where you and your favorite person can stand below for pictures.

These flowers would also convey the message of positivity and happiness.

If your wedding is planned in summer, then this is probably a perfect flower to consider due to its delightful appearance. However, if you love roses, and want more attractive colors in photos, then considering red roses is also a great option. It will transform the look of your event and make it more classy yet romantic.

Lush Green Wall:

Green backdrops of lush green walls are the perfect addition to your venue, imagine you are standing in front and taking pictures in your pure white fancy gown with back shades of green.

This is probably the best Instagram-worthy wedding idea that could steal the show. For making lush green walls, you don’t have to rely on some expensive or statement flowers. Instead, you can choose an ordinary greenery wall or fresh leaves to brighten up the whole area.

It’s also best to choose sprigs of leafy plants such as eucalyptus leaves, olive branches, thick vines, and palms that make the wall look expertly designed. You can even personalize it by adding the first letters of your names with flowers.

Floral Box:

We believe that sometimes a special and unique wedding flower idea usually comes out when you think inside the box- yes, we are talking about flowers decorated inside the acrylic boxes. It looks modern, classy, and extremely unique.

When you will arrange the boxes at the entrance, you don’t need to decorate the entry point anymore as the flowers will be already there to make the entry ravishing.

Make sure you choose acrylic boxes for floral arrangements as they will give a more modern and appealing look. Plus, it will give a personalized touch to your wedding decor. Especially if you want to preserve the flowers due to any reason, you can keep them safe and fresh during the nuptials.

Dried Bouquet- A Great Inspiration:

If you are looking for a stunning wedding bouquet inspiration that matches your wedding theme, then we would recommend you consider dried wedding bouquets. This dried cluster will make your personality look attractive when you hold them while walking down the aisle. Besides this, the arrangement will also look great when decorated on tables and other areas.

The idea is perfect for people who love flowers, as they can fill the entire venue with bouquets. It’s better to work with a professional florist who can help provide some beautiful dried blooms that match with style and season.

Flower Chandelier:

You must have seen different styles of light chandeliers that brighten up the whole space with beautiful lights. But have you also seen floral chandeliers?

We bet when you decorate them in your venue, your guests will be in awe as this amazing wedding flower idea could capture hearts and look unique in your wedding photos. This hanging item will spread elegance and fragrance all around while making your photos look unique.

Monochrome Flower Arrangements:

This is the most attainable wedding flower idea that you can easily manage without spending tons of money. Yes, you don’t have to invest in extravagant installations to enhance the look of your venue.

You can simply choose some attractive monochrome flowers that look impactful. Many people prefer to choose preppy blue hydrangeas as they beautify the place in a more exquisite manner. You and your partner can also emulate the overall look by choosing different flowers, from lilies to roses, and orchids to Dahlias.

Hanging Carnations:

Let’s create a gorgeous curtain of flowers that you usually see in movies. The idea is a bit difficult so you can get the help of florists or professional designers who can create the perfect curtain with colorful flowers. If you want to do it yourself, you can get a string of fresh carnations flowers and then place them over the ceiling.

Fresh Wedding Flower Ideas by Flower Delivery Canberra:

If you are planning to arrange something romantic by staying within your budget boundaries, it is recommended to follow the above-mentioned ideas.

And for more creative ideas, we would recommend you head over to Flower Delivery Canberra where professional florists could suggest something more amazing that makes your ‘gram photos stand out from the crowd.

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