Sympathy Flowers

Send Sympathy Flowers online to your friends and family with same-day flower deliver in Australia. Lighten your sorrow with these exclusive bouquets and arrangements.

Sympathy Flowers
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Sympathy Flowers

Flowers are an appropriate and respectful way of showing your loved ones that you’re there for them. White lilies are a symbol of devotion and hope while carnations and orchids convey pure love and support. And, a simple sheaf of chrysanthemums will go a long way with helping you express your heartfelt sympathies and your unconditional support.

Flowers also make the perfect celebration gift. Whether you’re sending beautiful lilies back home to grandma or picking up a bouquet filled with cranberry hues, luscious fronds and wintry pine cones, the perfect Christmas bouquet is the ultimate expression of love, affection and joy.

Sympathy Flowers Buying Guide

In these moments of collective loss, grief and the search for hope, show your love and support by choosing sheafs or arrangements with light colors. Whites, pale pinks and lilacs are most commonly given away as sympathy gestures. You can also select soft peaches or dull blues. A lot of people choose a classic bunch of black roses or go with purples and whites. All of these are combinations that convey support, acknowledgment, and comfort. You can also choose a bright selection of flowers with heliotropes and gladiolus to pay tribute to the spirit of the person you’re honoring. Choosing the right selection is often about the emotions you intend to convey, the meaning you’ve put in the gesture and how you intend for the gesture to be perceived.

If you’re sending these flowers through delivery, try and pen a heartfelt, original condolence letter with it. And, while finding the right words can be incredibly hard, the right start would be to discard sympathy one-liners so readily used and go for something personal and meaningful.

You can talk about a specific memory, or say something to give hope, pass on patience, and help people survive these difficult times.