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10 Romantic Flowers and Their Meanings

Picking a romantic gift for your partner is extremely difficult sometimes because there is already a myriad of options and ideas available out there that can cherish their heart.

But if you want something that can put a beautiful smile on their face, then there is nothing better than Romantic Flowers that convey love, romance, passion, and joy. Aside from being budget-friendly and an aesthetically pleasing option, each flower has a different symbolic meaning and significance.

When you send them romantic flowers that have specific symbols and meanings, it means you have put a nice thought behind the gift, and you actually care for them. In fact, the gesture of sending flowers is itself a pretty amazing thing that can fill their heart with love, happiness, and fulfillment.

Red Roses- Symbolize Love and Passion

If you want to say to someone, “I love you” or “I am thinking about you” then nothing could beat the charm of red roses that are a universally acceptable option, and everyone loves to have them as they are the special symbol of love and romance.

Roses are the flowers that represent desire, fascination, and passionate love. So when it comes to giving something romantic to your loved one, then red roses are the perfect option. Roses are an iconic option that can win the heart of anyone, even if you are professing love, a single red rose could do wonders. The deep colors, bold appearance, and symbolic meanings, all make roses an adorable option for someone you love.

Red Tulips- The Best Declaration of Love

If you want to go a little different and choose something else than roses, then try red tulips that are definitely a perfect alternative to fragrant red roses. Yes, roses are the conventional gift idea, but tulips are also a great and unexpected choice that your recipient would love to receive and decorate.

Red tulips are usually the best declaration of love. If you are professing love with someone you met a few days ago, then let’s send a bouquet of red tulips with a heartwarming note. We bet that you’d receive “yes” in answer.

Violets- Represents Loyalty and Faithfulness:

Violet flowers are the best and sweet-scented flowers that symbolize truth, devotion, honesty, loyalty, and faithfulness. These generous flowers communicate everything you have in your heart. When you give someone these flowers, it purely means that you have loyal intentions for them and you want them forever in your life, plus you will always be faithful with them.

If the recipient already knows the symbols and significance of this flower, they would appreciate the gesture and feel more love towards the sender.

So, if you want to express passionate love and romance, you can’t go wrong with a pretty bouquet of violets.

Heliotrope- Symbolize Eternal Love:

If you want to express deep love for your significant other and show them how you truly feel about them, then the Heliotrope is probably the most reliable option as it is a great representation of eternal love. These are beautiful dainty little flowers that look adorable when added with other flowers in a bouquet.

Especially if it’s the birthday of your dear one or Valentines’ Day, then sending this most romantic flower is the true representation of pure love. The Heliotrope flower simply helps you say that your love is timeless and precious.

Chrysanthemums- Best for Unconditional Love

Many people feel trouble saying the name “chrysanthemums” due to their tough spellings, but the meaning of the flower is clear and beautiful. The flowers are the actual representation of love and affection. When you gift someone these flowers, you are conveying the gesture of honesty and unconditional love. Due to their delicate and tender nature, the flowers are a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Forget-Me-Not- Ideal for Long Distance Relationship:

As the name represents, forget me not flowers are usually given to someone to say that “you want to be the part of their life and you want to be in their heart forever”. Their special meanings and symbols make them an ideal option for your spouse/partner.

These flowers allow you to say, “I am thinking about you” and “you are an important part of my life”. Especially if you are in a long-distance relationship or you often travel for work, these flowers are best to express your feelings and emotions.

Sweet AlyssumProtects from Heated Encounters:

This beautiful flower has a unique fragrant scent and serene appearance that also conveys spiritual energy. It offers a great emotional balance whatever the occasion is.

Asides from representing elegance, the Sweet Alyssum also has a unique characteristic. It protects people from heated encounters.

This is probably the best option for people who have just met and felt a great connection with each other. When the flower combines with other blooms in a bouquet, it looks unique and boosts the overall beauty of your bouquet.

Cherry BlossomPortrays Femininity:

The beautiful gram-ready flowers symbolize spirituality as well as boast cultural roots in China and Japan.

In fact, in China, these special flowers portray femininity. These are long-lasting flowers and help convey special thoughts and sentiments.

AzaleaAn Ideal Choice for Special Occasions:

Azalea is an adorable and aesthetically pleasing flower that is probably the best addition to your floral bouquet. Especially if you are looking for romantic flowers, Azalea is an ideal option. These flowers also depict femininity and help you make your special one feel extra special on ordinary occasions.

White CloverBest for Wishing Good Luck:

The white clover flower represents vitality and is always given to someone for wishing them good luck and best wishes. If your loved one has achieved something big academically or officially, then this is the right flower to give them for celebrating.


If you are planning for a romantic gesture to make your loved one feel special, sending them the above romantic flowers could help you convey your incessant love. If you are still confused about making the right choice, visit Flower Delivery Canberra where experts have categorized various flowers in different categories. Pick the one that suits your needs and make them feel special.

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