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5 Things You Should NEVER Do While Sending Sympathy Flowers

It’s never been easy to find the right words to heal your close friends or family who is going through the pain of losing someone.  What can you do to make sure that they feel a bit okay and relaxed during this somber event?

Maybe words like “I am sorry for your loss” are not enough to console someone’s heart in this painful time. What can you do to go the extra mile? Well, maybe a bouquet of sympathy flowers does the job well.

Because flowers are the only thoughtful creations that help convey your intense message when words are not enough to do so. Flowers can simply help someone in the grieving process and give you a chance to commemorate the life of a deceased person.

Though it’s a very small gesture for this truly heartbreaking moment, at least the delicacy, fragrance, and elegant appearance soothe the nerves of your recipient for some time. However, there are also some big NO’s to consider when you send someone sympathy flowers. There are some etiquettes and tips that can be followed to avoid embarrassment.

Keep these tips in mind when you send funeral flowers to someone who is grieving and mourning!

Do Not Send an Inappropriate Arrangement:

While a lot of people tend to follow the tradition for a funeral service. Especially when they have to send flowers, most of them choose an inappropriate arrangement that may not help or prove useful for the family members.

For example, the immediate family members are responsible to get the flower spray for the casket. So, you don’t need to buy or send that for the funeral. If you are a close family member, you could choose a large flower bouquet of mixed carnations or chrysanthemums as they are the right flowers to express grief and condolences.

Avoid Shopping from Your Local Stores or Unknown Florists:

We are living in a digital world where we are not worried about getting our desired things. All we want is to get things as quickly as possible. So, when it comes to getting flowers for a funeral, we look at the same place where we do all the shopping these days- online!

But keep in mind, all online sources or flower delivery services are not reliable. Especially if you belong to Canberra, you may find plenty of options around you, but these are not as result-oriented as they seem to be.

So, the best thing you could do is, choose the most authentic and reliable online flower delivery service in Canberra that has authentic reviews and a reputation in the market. Make sure you always avoid local florists who have limited varieties and offer the least guaranteed service.

Do not make the mistake of choosing an unknown florist or getting the bouquet from a general store that ships flowers in a large flower box that always looks extremely embarrassing at the funeral. Contrary to that, when you choose online flower delivery, you would get a sophisticated arrangement delivered at your desired destination promptly.

Do Not Forget to Include a Sympathy Card with your Bouquet:

As we highlight earlier that it’s quite difficult to express your condolences in words as the occasion is extremely heartbreaking for close family members.

Therefore, it’s hard to pick the right words to calm them or express grief. But as you are sending sympathy flowers, it shouldn’t be like sending a blank bouquet without any notecard or a message. When you choose online flower delivery in Canberra for sympathy flowers, they always add a complimentary notecard.

You can mention anything on the card to know your recipient how much you care and respect their emotions in this painful time.

At the minimum, you can ask your services to include a thoughtful message on the card. Here are some right sympathy messages from our expert florists that might help you deliver a better bouquet.

  • Thinking of you at this difficult time. Always beside you!
  • I am extremely sorry for this irreparable loss.
  • With loving memories of our very special (the name of a deceased person)
  • Here is small comfort for you in this difficult time
  • My thoughts go out to you!
  • With deep sympathies!
  • Forever in our mind and thoughts
  • Always be treasured and remembered!

Other than these messages, you could also ask them to add anything that you think could comfort them during this intense situation.

Do Not Think That You Could Only Send Flowers to the Service:

It’s not always necessary to send flowers at the exact time of service. Sometimes you are stuck in traffic or office and do not make it to the service.

But this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t show any support to the recipients if you are unable to attend the funeral. You can send them flowers afterward once the service is done.

Sending flowers is always a kind gesture that expresses your true feelings and emotions so you could do it even after 3-4 days of the funeral.

Do Not Choose the Wrong Flowers:

Though it’s a very devastating moment for the near and dear ones of the deceased. But still, you shouldn’t send the wrong flowers that may deliver the wrong message.

You can send a bouquet of white lilac, lily, daisy flowers, cherry blossom, camellia, honeysuckle, hyacinths, iris, or magnolia. These wonderful flowers help express your love and deliver the expression that you are thinking about them. These flowers represent peace, calm, positivity, wisdom, and strength.

Get the Best Sympathy Flowers Online!

If you are in search of the right online flower delivery services, maybe Flower Delivery Canberra is a wonderful choice for sending sympathy flowers. They have dozens of impeccable funeral flower arrangements consist of every kind of flower for expressing grief and condolences.

From the designer’s choice sympathy wreath to a vase full of heartfelt flowers, you can get anything to cherish the memories of the deceased.

Visit the website today and find out what sympathy flowers you could deliver to express your heartwarming wishes and bouquet in this difficult time.

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