Ranunculus flower meaning

Ranunculus Flower Meaning, History, and Symbolism

Known for their eloquence, perfection, and romantic flair- ranunculus flowers are popular due to their huge rounded appearance that features ruffled petals and wonderfully describe the beauty and elegance that every woman possesses.

The flowers have different meanings and relatively vary in shape and size. However, if you want to add more charm and character to your bouquet, ranunculus flowers are an extremely great choice. They even look like a center of attraction as they have a very charming and glowing appearance.

Ranunculus flowers are also called Buttercup flowers and coyote’s eyes. They are quite popular among Native Americans and Persian people, making them one of the most significant flowers that are associated with too many stories and relevance to their tradition and culture.

Let’s dive in to know the ranunculus flower meaning, history, and symbolism of ranunculus flowers.

Ranunculus Flowers Meaning: Beauty and Charm

Ranunculus flowers are associated with beauty, attractiveness, and charm. The flowers look extremely elegant and adorable which is why they make a great gift for your loved one. You can even include them in wedding bouquets or decorate the venue due to their attractive appearance.

Ranunculus flowers look extra sweet and romantic, which is why people love to send them as Valentine gifts to express love and convey the message “You are so beautiful”.

However, ranunculus flowers have different types and meanings with each type carry an interesting symbol or meaning. If you want to send someone a specific message, you can choose different types of flowers your florists recommend.

  • Sign of attractiveness:

Ranunculus flowers are great symbols of attractiveness. If you want to convey to someone that “I am attracted to you” then ranunculus flowers are probably the great choice.

Especially if you just met someone and you think you really like them, then you can send them the message with flowers that may speak your heart out beautifully.

  • Sign of beauty:

As mentioned above, the flower is a sign of perfection. If you are inspired by someone’s beauty and cannot say it directly to them then sending a bouquet of ranunculus might do the job well.

By sending ranunculus, you can simply convey your thoughts in a more glorious and spectacular manner. You can tell them how you feel about them and associate their beauty with this charming flower.

  • Sign of crush:

In most cases, ranunculus flowers are not used to describe your love or passionate romance to someone, as roses are already here to do that job well.

But on the brighter side, if you have a crush on someone you just met and cannot say them directly to their face, then ranunculus is definitely a flower to give to express your feelings.

However, if you have had a crush on someone for a long time, then make sure you choose the right colors and arrangements so that you can convey your message easily and elegantly. Your online florists can help you do that without making things awkward or weird.

History of Ranunculus Flowers:

Ranunculus flowers are originally connected with ancient Persian myth.

Based on that myth, there was a handsome prince dressed in green and gold shiny clothes fell for a young and elegant nymph.

He sang different songs for her and did everything to woo her but she rejected all his feelings and did not feel any attraction. After doing everything for her, one day he died from a broken heart. And a flower called ranunculus grew at the spot where he fell down.

According to another version, the other nymphs were quite frustrated hearing songs by the prince, so one day they all turned a prince into a ranunculus.

Symbolism and different colors of ranunculus:

Colors play a pivotal role in symbolism, and they also have quite a big impact on what these flowers represent. Each of these colors mentioned below has different meanings and can be given to different occasions to express whatever you feel for your special recipient.

  • Pink:

Pink ranunculus usually represents passion and femininity and is a perfect flower to give any woman in your life. You can even send pink ranunculus to your mother on Mother’s Day.

  • Red:

Red is the ultimate expression of love, passion, and romance. The color features strong meanings and feelings of love which means you can give that to someone you really like. The flower is perfect for your partner or significant other.

  • Orange:

Orange ranunculus flowers are usually associated with positivity, charm, and happiness. The flowers add character to your home when decorated in a vase as their bright orange petals are beautiful enough to spread colors and brightness all around. You can also give that to someone on their happy occasions like graduation, new baby arrival, or wedding anniversary.

  • Purple:

Purple flowers are probably associated with royalty, respect, strength, and honor. The flower is perfect for anyone special to you.

The use of Ranunculus flowers today:

Ranunculus- a very beautiful and show-stopping flower looks extremely stunning while displayed in fresh fields, vases, or bouquets.

What’s more beautiful about them is, the flowers stay fresh and perky for 5-7 days after being cut. Bouquets of fresh ranunculus flowers usually warm up any interior due to their elegance, colors, and delicacy.

The flower is also quite popular for its delicate petals as well as sweet cotton candy colors. That’s the reason, it’s a center of attraction for all bridal bouquets and centerpieces, especially in spring and winter weddings.

The flowers are also useful in decorating vintage-themed weddings. They look perfect in any wedding theme and quite spectacular when decorated above the cake.


If you want to add more color, brightness, and happiness to your occasion then ranunculus flowers are exactly what you need to consider. The flower has been a symbol of charm for centuries and captures the heart of any person with its beauty and grace.

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