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How to Choose New Baby Flowers?

Welcoming a baby into your small little world is probably the best feeling which is often associated with lots of emotions. It brings new hopes, joys, happiness, and concerns with a lot of responsibilities.

The new parents start realizing that their world has been changed with a touch of a little human, and now they have to be more responsible and cooperative towards each other.

Overall, it’s an exciting occasion for both parents and other family members. And probably, we can’t think of celebrating this biggest occasion without sending flowers to the new parents. There is absolutely no better way to welcome the small bundle of joy than with a fragrant bouquet.

Flowers always do a great job of spreading love and happiness. Their freshness, colors, fragrance, and delicate touch is all you need to spread positive vibes.

So, if you know someone who has recently given birth, it’s time to wish them luck, happiness, and lots of good wishes with new baby flowers and gifts that uplift spirits and spread positivity all around.

What kind of new baby flowers are appropriate to send?

The first point of consideration before choosing the right baby flowers is, finding out the gender of a baby. When you find out the gender, you can easily pick the right colors and flowers.

However, some parents always like to keep the gender a bit private thing, so if they did not reveal it yet, it’s better to go for some neutral colors like cream, pastel shades, yellow flowers, or light blue tones.

Keep in mind that whatever colors you choose, shouldn’t have a bold and sharp scent. You don’t want to overpower his little nose with sharp scents! So, make sure you choose a bouquet that has a soft and subtle scent. For example, iris, daffodils, and sunflowers are great choices.

Another thing is considering the month of a newborn baby because there is always one specific flower associated with each month. When you do all your research and add that specific birth flower to the bouquet, it would add a beautiful touch to your occasion and make the flowers more meaningful.

When to give blue flowers?

According to a common rule and tradition, if the mother has welcomed a baby boy, then blue flowers are an ideal gift to consider. Flowers like hydrangeas, Freesias, irises, and delphiniums are extremely wonderful options for baby boys.

Blue flowers are also associated with peace, calm, tranquility, positivity, prosperity, and immortality. These are the qualities that every parent wants for their child. If you want to go the extra mile, send a couple of blue balloons with a bouquet to make your gift extra special.

When to give pink flowers?

When new parents welcome a baby girl, then it means sending pink flowers is an ideal and traditional choice as pink is associated with girls. You can get a bouquet of pink flowers from reliable florists who provide lots of options and ideas. For example, pink carnations, pink roses, and pink lilies are some stunning options to wish the parents of a new baby girl.

Moreover, pink flowers are also associated with pure love, humbleness, happiness, purity, femininity, and innocence which are some perfect qualities to define a baby girl. You can even add a delicious box of chocolates or cookies to make your gift more valuable and remembering.

When should you send flowers to a new mom?

Now the next question that often arises in our minds is, when should we send flowers to the new mother?

Probably the best time is when you first hear the news that a baby has arrived in the world. It is the best time to congratulate someone and send them lots of love and prayers. You can send new baby flowers to their home or also in hospital by following the terms of the ward or hospital.

It’s also not necessary to send flowers the same day the baby arrives; you can also send them after a couple of days or weeks when parents are finally able to take care of the baby.

This sweet gesture will not only give them a beautiful surprise, but it would even mean that there will be quite less to carry when moving to their home with a new baby.

If you are worried about the same-day or next-day delivery, then you can choose online florists in Canberra who ensure both same-day and next-day delivery based on your requirement. Make sure you order flowers ahead so you can get a fresh and perky arrangement.

Some other tips to keep in mind while sending flowers:

If you want to send flowers to a new mom, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure that the recipients are not allergic to the type, smell, or touch of flowers.
  • If you don’t want to send traditional colors like blue and pink, then it is recommended to opt for multi-colored flowers.
  • Avoid sending sharp scents. Instead, choose flowers with soft scents as many flowers are available with a highly sharp fragrance that often cause problems to a little one.
  • If you don’t know which flowers to send to new parents, it’s recommended to get some help from online flower delivery services in Canberra where expert florists outsource flowers from fresh fields.

Send new baby flowers to your dear ones in Canberra:

Sending flowers is probably the nicest gesture that conveys your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes. Therefore, we believe that it’s important to make this gesture highly appreciating and remembering with extravagant arrangements.

Want to know how? Contact our trusted flower delivery experts that have years of knowledge and experience in sending flowers throughout Australia. When you choose Flower Delivery Canberra, you will not only ensure successful delivery but also deliver some exotic arrangements based on your needs, budget, and preferences.

Not only that, but you can send flowers within a couple of hours with their same-day delivery privileges. So, what else do you need to wish someone luck and love?

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