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A Comprehensive Guide to Flower Meanings and Symbols

Everyone knows the saying, “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful. They are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul”. And sure, flowers may carry a bunch of significance- the only need is, find the perfect flower with the right meaning and symbol!

Because the meaning behind giving your particular flower could have a different meaning that can change the whole impact of your gesture. We probably choose flowers that we know our recipient loves, but the fact is, giving wrong flowers sometimes conveys wrong meanings and thoughts.

For example, giving a bouquet of red roses to your co-worker would be wrong on so many levels as roses are specific for conveying love and passion for the person.

So, if you want to send someone a special message, it’s important to choose the right flowers with the right symbols. Whatever, you want to say, let’s say it with flowers.

With our comprehensive guide compiled by Flower Delivery Canberra, you can add more meaning to your gift. Read on to know what emotions to convey with flowers.

Flower Meanings Chart:

Before proceeding, have a look at the flower meanings chart below and find out which flower is best for your dear ones.

Flowers of Love:

Conveying love, affection, and passion for someone you really adore is not the hardest thing anymore because you have a bunch of flowers that will help you do so without even saying a word.

There are many beautiful flowers of love, such as:

  • Red roses:

Red roses are the most relevant flowers to give someone you love and want to spend the rest of your life with them. They symbolize your true love, passion, and affection. Whether you want to give a single rose to profess love or a bouquet of 12 roses, the gesture is absolutely wonderful and filled with love.

  • Dahlia:

Dahlia is also a flower of love that symbolizes lasting bond and commitment. They look great for anniversaries.

  • Red tulips:

The general meaning of the tulip flower is perfect love. If you want to take a step further in your relationship, go for red tulips that symbolize pure love and passion.

  • Carnations:

Carnations are the prettiest flower to give someone you love. They stand for love, strength, and commitment. The color you choose could change the meaning, such as light red carnations symbolize admiration, dark red symbolize deep love, white color represent good luck, and pink is associated with an undying love of a mother.

Flowers of Friendship:

When it comes to expressing love for your friends, you have to choose flowers carefully and wisely. Have a look below and find out the best flowers of friendship.

  • Yellow roses:

Everyone knows yellow flowers symbolize friendship and joy. If you want to strengthen your bonding with friends, send them a bouquet of yellow roses.

  • Freesia:

Freesia is a very delicate flower that symbolizes innocence and thoughtfulness.

  • Alstroemeria:

Alstroemeria is another perfect flower of friendship that represents wealth, prosperity, positivity, and good fortune.

Flowers of Admiration:

Admiring someone for their beauty, elegance, intelligence or any other characteristic with flowers is a bit difficult task as many people feel intimidated to choose the right flowers for admiration. Have a look and find out how to admire someone with flowers.

  • Lavender rose:

Beautiful lavender rose is perfect to express your love at first sight. The flower represents fondness and enchantment for someone. It’s ideal for new and blossoming romance.

  • Orchids:

Orchids are nature’s highly distinctive flowers that symbolize rare, unique, and delicate beauty. Previously, the flowers were appreciated by Ancient Greeks to show masculinity that has changed with time and now represents feminine meanings.

  • Amaryllis:

Give this flower to the person you think is incredibly damn beautiful, and who you also adore beyond beauty.

Flowers of Gratitude:

You must be surprised to know that some specific flowers help express your gratitude and appreciation. Some of them are:

  • Pink roses:

Giving someone pink roses is extremely wonderful for showing gratitude, appreciation, and admiration.

  • Hydrangea:

Hydrangeas flowers are ideal for showing gratitude for being loved and understood. The flowers represent any feeling that is heartfelt and deeply adored.

  • Peach rose:

The peach rose flower is best for girls as the flowers represent modesty, grace, and demureness. You can give them to someone and show how much you miss them.

Flowers of Remembrance:

Some precious feelings are just too intense for words, you cannot just say them in the person’s face. Instead, you need some help in form of flowers.

Let’s be empathetic with someone by sending these flowers:

  • Poppy:

Poppy is an ideal flower to consider as we buy paper ones every year on Remembrance Day. The flowers symbolize consolation.

  • White stargazer lily:

White stargazer lily is a common funeral flower that represents purity, innocence, and remembrance.

  • Statice:

This flower is also perfect for remembrance and sympathy, however, it’s also a symbol of success.

Flowers of Joy:

Spreading happiness and positive vibes is easy with flowers. Let’s find out which flowers are associated with happiness.

  • Sunflowers:

The big and cheerful heads of bright sunflowers are extremely suitable for spreading love and happiness.

  • Chrysanthemums:

Beautiful chrysanthemums represent optimism, strength, joy, and long life.

  • Daffodils:

Daffodils are the first sign of spring so no surprise they represent rebirth, innocence, good fortune, and new beginnings. Make you always give them a bunch because giving a single daffodil is often associated with bad luck.

  • Pink Hyacinth:

Pink Hyacinth also looks adorable and represents playfulness and love.


There are still many flowers that help express your specific feelings and emotions. However, to know more details, it’s recommended to contact our florists in Canberra. We have a team of specialists who outsource flowers from fresh gardens so they can help you a lot in picking the right flowers for your occasions.

Whether you want to say a happy birthday to someone or just want to wish them a happy anniversary, we have flowers for all reasons, seasons, and occasions. Browse through our platform and choose the right flower arrangements for your loved ones.

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