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What are the Best Apology Flowers to Say, “I am sorry”?

We all mess up sometimes- in fact, the majority of times but what we need to consider is, making things right and forgetting mistakes. Sometimes we say or do bad things with our friends or family members and then we feel terribly sorry and find out some way to make it better.

When it comes to saying sorry, there is no other better way than apologizing with a bunch of colorful flowers. Especially after that terrible argument with your significant other, sending a bouquet of apology flowers is just like a savior.

Flowers like lilies, roses, orchids, and daisies can help you heal the initial hurt and damage. However, if you want to go the extra mile, you can choose online flower delivery in Canberra that helps you provide many apology flowers available in different types and colors.

So, without further ado, let’s choose some best flowers to say, “I am sorry, I really messed up.”

Roses- The best apology flowers:

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers that do not only help profess love, but also convey a message that you are feeling sorry for your mistake, and you want to make things better.

A beautiful red bouquet of roses symbolizes unconditional love, passion, care, warmth, and affection for someone. It can be a perfect apology bouquet for your angry partner.

Because red roses are ultimately awesome as they send a universal message to show love & affection to your wife or partner. The flowers tell your significant other that you do accept your mistake and asking for forgiveness.

In contrast, yellow roses are the perfect representation of friendship, loyalty, and innocence. Especially if you want to express your heartwarming emotions to your friends who are angry with you, yellow roses are a stunning way to win their hearts.

You can simply win your friendship back by sending a bunch of yellow roses from online florists. They outsource all kinds of flowers from fresh fields of Canberra to make your surprise more amazing and remembered.

Lilies- Represent humility and devotion:

Lilies are another wonderful flower gift that simply refreshes your relationship and wipes away all the stress and tension between partners or friends.

The flowers look cool, dainty, and delicate. Especially if you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship and passing through a phase of misunderstanding or miscommunication, then it’s suggested to handle things with care. And that’s exactly why calla lilies are for. They stand for love, care, humility, and devotion.

Besides looking elegant, lilies have unmatched beauty, and they are quite exceptional for expressing apologies to your partner or friends.

Tulips- Stand for peace and forgiveness:

Tulips are also called happy flowers which are best for saying sorry and making up for your mistakes. These flowers are also related to rebirth, new beginnings, and of course the season of spring. So, they are “happy flowers”, and they are best in encouraging your feelings of joy and happiness.

The flowers represent innocence, calm, peace, and forgiveness, which means they look perfect to say sorry to your special person.  

Other colors like orange, white and pink tulips stand for class and elegance, they simply denote your sincere apologies.

Orchids- Represent strength and virility:

If you want to express your love, care, and affection, orchids can help you do so. The flowers symbolize power, positivity, strength, and virility.

The meanings behind these flowers make them an excellent apology flower to send to your man. You can send white orchids to your husband or partner, as the flowers also stand for sincerity, loyalty, and a long-lasting relationship.

Therefore, picking the right online florist is the best way to make up for your mistakes as they can help you choose different colors, types, and varieties of orchids to convey your warm wishes.

Different colors of flowers with different apology meanings:

When it comes to sending apology flowers, it’s best to learn the meanings of different colors that convey different meanings.

  • White and pastel flowers:

If you want to convey sympathy and care, white and pastel shades are best. These flowers usually represent virtue, strength, unity, and the pureness of love. These colors are also used in traditional wedding arrangements that convey purity, rebirth, and union between loved ones. Lilies, daisies, and roses are the best flowers for that reason.

  • Pink flowers:

The pink color is an ultimate expression of love, femininity, gratitude, and appreciation. These flowers are not only helpful in expressing gratitude, but one can also show concern and sympathy while saying sorry to someone. As pink is also a color of femininity, it’s best to give your girlfriend, sister, or mother.

  • Yellow flowers:

Expressing your heartfelt apology is easy when you choose yellow flowers for your friends or colleagues. Especially after a big misunderstanding, the flowers can help remove all the bad feelings. The yellow color of the flower automatically brings a smile and feelings of joy to your recipient’s face.

So, yellow flowers that can best express all your sorrow such as sunflowers, gerberas, and orchids are relatively the more stunning choices.

  • Red flowers:

Red flowers can simply represent your incessant love and passion for the person who is angry with you. The color is specifically suitable for your girlfriend and wife. You can also choose mixed flowers such as white and red that symbolize love, unity, purity, and innocence. 

Dark red flowers like roses are the classic choice as they urge your partner to accept your apologies.


Now that you perfectly understand the colors and types of right apology flowers, so it’s time to make a wise decision and go for the ones that send an appropriate apology message.

If you want to make a powerful apology, make sure you are not only choosing the right flowers but also choosing the right flower delivery service in Canberra.

Online florists at Flower Delivery Canberra can help you pick the best flowers to say sorry so you can strengthen your relationships without keeping any hard feelings. Browse through all the collections and get the best flowers for your dear ones today.

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