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10 Halloween Flowers That Make Beautiful Addition to Your Décor

Finally, it’s time of the year when everyone would love to become ghosts, zombies, clowns, vampires, ghouls, werewolves, and different monsters to celebrate the occasion- yes, we are talking about the spooky holiday season- Halloween!

Dark colors, frightening costumes, pumpkin decorations, wicked characters, and what not…! There are plenty of amazing things to scare and delight your dear ones to make the occasion more beautiful.

But have you ever thought about adding some Halloween flowers to your decoration? Isn’t it great fun? From carnivorous cobra lilies to scary black roses,  tons of flowers can take your decoration to the next level.

Here we have boiled down the list of some beautiful yet scary Halloween flowers that further make your homes truly frightening and unique in the entire neighborhood.

Carnivorous Cobra Lilies:

Have you ever heard about carnivorous cobra lilies? They just look similar to Venus flytraps. The flowers are in serpentine shape and feature vibrant green color while gives the top of the bulbous trap a snake-like look. As the name implies, the flowers also have a forked tongue that looks ready to strike.

You can enhance the beauty of flowers by pairing them up with Black Beauty roses as well as allium out of a human skull. It makes your Halloween arrangement more fun and interesting.

cobra lilies

Black Calla Lilies:

It has always been believed that people love to give black calla lily flowers to someone when they convey the message of thrill, mystery, and elegance at the same time. Therefore, the arrangement looks like a perfect fit for Halloween.

You can easily recognize the flowers by their singular trumpet-shaped look on a very smooth and long-standing stem. Apart from their rich and ominous connotations, the flowers feature a great dramatic appearance that looks amazing on such scary occasions.

black calla lilies

Love Lies Bleeding- Amaranthus Flowers:

With such a unique and dramatic name like this, it’s no surprise that this beautiful Amaranthus plant is suggested by all the florists in Canberra especially for Halloween occasions.  

The flowers have dynamic tassel-like panicles that comprise small red flowers and just look like horrible bloody tentacles that give the impression that they are about to grab a passerby. You can combine them with black baccara roses to give them a more delightful appearance.

You can either send the arrangement to someone to wish Happy Halloween or decorate it on the table to make your dinner a little more special.


Black Baccara Roses:

Unlike other rose colors you usually see in summertime, these flowers are intentionally grown to appear a bit special and autumnal in tone.

“Black Baccara” roses feature comparatively hard, dark-colored, and velvety petals. The flowers can be used for almost any Halloween decoration to add magical effects. They make the place haunting and even the best fun surprise for someone you love.

To give your living room a stunning effect, you can decorate them in a matte-black vase and mixed the varieties of black poppies for making it unusual and attractive.

black baccara roses

American Bittersweet:

As their name suggests, American bittersweet is not a pleasant flower especially for gardeners as it kills the trees and is quite difficult for gardeners to eradicate from gardens and other landscapes.

Due to their killing effects and looks, they are just innocuous in Halloween floral arrangements. Now you must be thinking that the flower is poisonous in nature due to its killing nature. However, that’s not true. The flowers have zero toxicity levels. But its seeds and fruits have proved somewhat little toxic for humans, birds, and other animals.

You can still decorate them in vases, bouquets, baskets, and other places to give your area a scary look.

American bittersweet


Well yes, we know that it’s hard to believe that sunflowers are the scariest flowers in the Halloween season unless they are not yellow!

But the fact is, they look stunning when you decorate them in ruby red, bronze, and orange colors.

If you are going to gift them to someone, make sure you add autumnal yellow and mixed colors to the bouquet. In the case of decorations, orange or burgundy red looks well. You can also discover some amazing varieties of “Prado Red,” and “red sun”.



Find uniqueness and elegance in the unexpected things on this spookiest occasion. Roses usually bloom in the spring season, and then they turn to seeds in the fall.

As a result, they produce rose hips that change their colors and transform into red and orange. When you arrange them in a bouquet form, they look like a cluster. Their imperfections, dramatic appearance, vibrant colors, and textures make them a unique plant to décor for Halloween.


Scabiosa Pods:

Scabiosa pods are usually the filler flowers that are probably a perfect addition to Halloween décor. They have beautiful ball-shaped heads that are commonly known as pincushion flowers. The flowers add a unique texture to a spooky arrangement. 


Spider Mums:

The spider mums’ flowers are also known as Fuji mums and a very distinctive flowers in shape. They become stark and geometric. People also consider them a type of chrysanthemum, as they similarly shaped spindly petals that usually stretch out easily and loosely like spider legs across the stems.

These are also the most overlooked flowers but when it comes to Halloween, nothing can compare to their scary looks.

spider mums

Quicksand Roses:

Quicksand roses feature powdery and off-white petals that have a blend of pink colors. These beautiful flowers are recommended by Canberra florists for a unique, and elegant look. Especially when it comes to Halloween time, the flowers usually look like ghosts when you add them with dark-colored flowers Black Baccara roses.

Quicksand roses

Choose Halloween Flowers to Décor your Homes:

To add spooky effects to your home for Halloween, you can also decorate fall-scented candles, carved pumpkins, black cats, window decals, and certain other things with flowers.

However, when you want to make a place beautiful yet spooky then do not forget to add these Halloween flowers for a further exotic touch. To have more insights and ideas about flowers, visit Flower Delivery Canberra and find tons of unique and elegant flowers.

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