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Funeral Flowers for Men: Types, Ideas, and Colors

The death of our close family member or a friend is such an irreparable loss and the most difficult experience of our life ever. Our words cannot take away the pain of a grieving person but at least our kind gestures can make them feel a little loved and supported.

Sending flowers is one of the amazing gestures that are incredibly beautiful and thoughtful in this difficult time. Flowers are universally accepted creatures and adored by anyone. Their delicacy, aroma, and elegant appearance instantly melt anyone’s heart and they feel they are still surrounded by people who love and care.

Therefore, when it comes to offering condolences, flowers are the only things to make the immediate family feel better and grateful.

Though there are different kinds of funeral flowers and some of them are specified for men. The flowers have different types, ideas, and colors that can further make your message stronger and meaningful.

So, let us help you add a personal touch by sending funeral flowers for men and find out what colors and types are suitable while offering condolences.

Funeral Flower Arrangements for Men in Different Forms:

You can select flowers for bouquets, standing wreaths, and sprays, casket sprays, as well as flower tributes. It’s also meaningful to send a bouquet after the service.

Once you decide what pattern you want to choose for a funeral, it’s time to select the right flower type and color to make the message relevant and worth considering.

Types of Funeral Flowers for Men:

There are plenty of types of funeral flowers for men. Some of the types are based on flowers that have different meanings and symbolism. So, if you think you don’t have time to research flowers that have meanings and symbols, have a look below and find out which flowers convey the right meaning on this difficult occasion.

Some important popular types of funeral flowers arrangement for men are:

  • Easter lilies: A representation of a religious symbol of Jesus Christ as well as Resurrection.
  • Calla lilies: One of the popular sympathy flower arrangements which are associated with calm, rebirth, and innocence.
  • White Stargazer Lilies: The flowers recognize sympathy and condolence
  • Carnations: Best sympathy flowers especially for men, they convey the message of love & remembrance.
  • Gladioli: Important funeral flowers that are usually used in fan sprays. They are taller flowers and symbolize power, character, and strength.
  • Chrysanthemums: Wonderful choice for a funeral as they express love and concern and are also a symbol of grief.

Colors that are most appropriate for men:

Dark, bold, and vibrant shades are associated with the funeral of men such as dark blue, burgundy, violet, and maroon. However, you can still go for other dark options especially if the person had a powerful personality and versatile life experiences.

  • Red, white or blue:

There are plenty of flower colors to choose from when it’s the funeral of a man.

For instance, if the deceased person’s liked red then we can choose different shades of red to make the occasion meaningful.

The Red and white combination also looks well on such difficult occasions. Especially if the person was a patriot or served in the military, you can choose a red, white, and blue floral arrangement as it shows great respect for his passion and patriotism.

  • White, red, and yellow roses:

Roses are another popular funeral flower that can be often sent to the funeral of a man. Now every rose carries different meanings, so you have to be careful while choosing roses for men’s funerals.

  • White roses symbolize, calm, hope, purity, rebirth, innocence, and spirituality.
  • Red roses are associated with deep love, passion, and heartbroken grief.
  • Yellow roses represent your close friendship with the deceased, and hence a great choice to consider if he was your good friend.

Select the type of standing funeral sprays:

Now when you have selected the right flower type and colors, it’s time to choose the standing funeral sprays. There are different options such as wreath, cross, or heart-shaped. You can choose anything according to the need of the occasion.

  • Flowers for casket sprays:

The immediate family members are responsible to select flowers for casket sprays. But if you are responsible to do that, remember the choice of your dear one and manage the arrangement according to that. If you know he loved roses, go for roses.

However, if the person did not have any specific choice, you can choose the types and colors according to your personal preference. Green hydrangeas, white calls, tulips, and white orchids are probably the best choices to consider.

  • Floor basket:

A floor basket is another beautiful type of arrangement for funerals. This incredible design usually appears to fan out from the container or floor and contains some tall flowers and plants.

Calla lilies, snapdragons, gladioli, long stem roses, iris, hydrangeas, bells of Ireland, are some popular arrangements for floor basket arrangement for men.

  • Floral tributes:

Besides floor baskets and casket sprays, there are other types of floral arrangements that can be used for the funeral of your dear person.

For example, if the deceased person was a music artist, you can go for a musical arrangement like some music note, guitar shape, or any other instrument that looks appropriate.

If he was a football player or loved watching football, then the floral tribute will be associated with the shape of the football. Other tributes could include an airplane arrangement for a pilot, or painting arrangements for painters.

Buy the best funeral flowers for men from expert florists:

When it comes to choosing the best funeral flowers for men, it becomes important to choose reliable and expert florists who have perfect knowledge and experience of sending that specific kind of arrangement.

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