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An Ultimate Flower Care Guide

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing fresh flowers arranged in a vase elegantly, but we also believe that there is nothing more upsetting than seeing a fresh flower wilting before its actual time.

While wilting is definitely their fate which we cannot change in any way, but at least we can delay it for some days and enjoy their fresh fragrance and delicacy while decorating them in a vase.

However, that requires ultimate flower care and maintenance because fresh flowers are also a living entity that can be encouraged to live longer under some right conditions.

But how can you ensure that they live long for at least 1-2 weeks? What important care tips should be followed to maintain their look, aroma, and delicacy?

Have a look at this flower care guide and know what elements to implement for their increased lifespan.

Change the water after every 2-3 days:

You may feel surprised to know that flowers drink plenty of water.

So, if you are bringing a large flower arrangement to home and decorating it in a vase, then you should also keep in mind that they may suck up all the water in the first two days.

Make sure your vase is full of water so that flowers couldn’t dry out or wilt soon. Flowers are also much susceptible to harmful bacteria that start building up when stems sit at the bottom.

When you change the water after every 2-3 days, you can keep your fresh flowers alive longer and healthier.

In case of large flower arrangements, tip your vase carefully over the sink so the water can easily drain out without damaging the overall design. After that, refill your vase by pouring water slowly at the top of the flowers.

Trim the stem of flowers before changing water or putting them in a vase:

When we buy fresh flowers, they sit out of the water until we reach home and place them in a vase. During that time, the end parts of your flower stem dry out. Not only that, but their cells also start dying quickly, which makes it difficult for flowers to suck water.

But when you cut the stems just before placing them in a vase or water, you just expose all the fresh tissues that are efficient enough in sucking water.

When you trim stems before changing the water in your vase, make sure you remove all the tissues existing at its tips that could break down easily. And then again expose fresh tissues so they can absorb more water.

Make sure your flowers are away from heat and excessive light:

Many people think that they should keep their vases of flowers under bright sunlight or near the windowsill since that’s the place where flowers will probably feel happy.

However, fresh-cut flowers have a very different nature. You can keep potted plants under bright sunlight, but flowers are not stronger to be exposed under that excessive light.

When you put them under bright heat or sun, it will encourage them to age and “mature” sooner- which probably leads to their demise.

Instead of keeping them under heat, it’s better to keep the flowers under some cool dark area where they are more likely to grow as long as possible.

Moreover, keep your flowers away from appliances. The reason is your big appliances like fridge, refrigerator, microwave, TV, and others release heat which is quite harmful to your fresh flowers. When they absorb that heat, they start to wilt soon.

Do not place your flowers near ripening fruits or vegetables:

Many florists recommend that you shouldn’t place flowers near fruits or vegetables as they release an invisible and odorless gas called ethylene which is not dangerous for humans, but quietly harmful for flowers.

Now the theory behind this is, flowers act as the precursor of fruits in the plant world.

Once they are pollinated, they start developing into some fruit. And then it flourished into seeds and start the life cycle all over again. Ethylene gas is a dangerous gaseous hormone that exists in plants that induce flowers to drop all their petals and become proper fruit.

When the fruit matures, it still continues to release ethylene. And when you place your vase of flowers beside the ripening fruit, you will just expose them to ethylene gas. As a result, they feel like it’s time to drop their petals and move to the next stage intended by Nature.

Give flower food to your fresh cut blooms:

Apart from changing the water in the vase after every 2 days to make them last longer, adding flower food packets to those fresh blooms is also quite beneficial for their health.

Now, this becomes necessary if you are a forgetful or lazy person and cannot change the water regularly every second day.

Besides “feeding” your flowers, always remember that these food packets also feature a bactericide that keeps the water simply fresh and cool for one or two days.

It’s also easy to make your own flower food. You can add 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of bleach as well as 2 teaspoons of lime juice to the flower vase before mixing some tap water into it.

It is also important to note that some flowers do not like flower food in the vase. Sunflowers and zinnias are some popular examples.

Final Thoughts:

No doubt flowers play a pivotal part in our life. Be it our friend’s birthday or wedding anniversary of a colleague, flowers are the best gifts that cherish everyone’s heart.

However, if you want to keep them last for days, you need to follow the above tips recommended by Flower Delivery Canberra. The experts provide fresh-cut naturally long-lasting flowers that stay healthy for even days and weeks with proper care & maintenance.

Whether you are looking for roses, orchids, lilies, sunflowers, or gladiolus, we have a range of extensive flower arrangements based on your needs and occasion.

Browse through our collection and find out your desired arrangements.

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