Chrysanthemum flowers meaning

Chrysanthemum Flowers Meaning, Symbolism, and Cultural Significance

Chrysanthemums- One of the most beautiful flowers that are usually referred to as a mum is uniquely popular for its elegance and powerful medicinal properties.

Not only that but the plant is also used in landscaping and contributing to the beautiful outdoors. This popular cut flower has a very humble appearance that comes with strong symbolic meanings.

When you give chrysanthemum flowers to someone, you are actually saying that they are beautiful and elegant. However, there are lots of hidden meanings and symbols associated with the flower that you should be aware too.

In fact, the flower has different meanings country-wise. In Asia, it represents life and rebirth, which makes them suitable for occasions like birthdays and baby showers. In European countries, the chrysanthemum is associated with an expression of sympathy, and in America, the flowers signify respect and honor.

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Without further ado, let’s proceed and find out what’s special about this gorgeous flower.

Chrysanthemum flowers meaning:

Do you know what’s interesting about the chrysanthemum flower?

You can easily remember its scientific name since they have the same common name⁠- Chrysanthemum! That’s something you will rarely find in Botany.

Another notable element is you will find plenty of exhibition varieties of these flowers which are commonly used by florists. The varieties are divided into their own genus, called Dendranthema.

Generally, the chrysanthemum flower that you grow in your yard belongs to the chrysanthemum genus, and those that you get from florists belong to Dendranthema.

So regardless of their similar scientific name, these Chrysanthemum flowers have a common Greek naming. Like the word, “Chrysos” means gold, as well as “Anthemion”, which means flower. That name features both, the meaning and symbolism of the flower. The flower is also frequently available in shades of orange and yellow.

That’s the reason, the flower is perfect for Mother’s Day, as it’s a perfect representation of undying motherly love. Most amazingly, it ends with “mum” which makes them ideal for all moms out there.

What do the flowers symbolize?

Chrysanthemum flowers are generally associated with the symbol of joy and friendship. Not just a random friendship, but one that is loyal, sincere, and true friendship. This elegant bloom is also associated with trust among friends.

Speaking of friendship and faith, the Chrysanthemum flower truly represents loyalty and devotion. Now, these feelings could either be towards a friend or your significant other⁠. You can also use mums to symbolize romance and passion.

However, the flower even represents positivity and energy which is why when it comes to cheering up your friends, you can simply send them to make their day more joyful and beautiful.

Chrysanthemum flowers also represent different common themes such as rebirth, innocence, peace, and enduring life.

Meanings of different chrysanthemum colors:

The colors of chrysanthemum flowers also affect the meaning and symbols. That’s why we categorize each flower color according to its meanings.

  • White chrysanthemums:

If you want to gift someone a moment of peace and spirituality, white chrysanthemums are probably the best gift for them. They symbolize purity, calm, peace, spirituality, and devotion. You can gift the flowers to anyone anytime. Especially if someone is hospitalized, you can deliver the expression of love with these beautiful flowers.

  • Red chrysanthemums:

To surprise someone with your love on Valentine’s Day, red chrysanthemum is a great choice. The flowers also symbolize love, friendship, and devotion, but they are more specific for expressing strong emotions like passionate love and romance for your special person.

  • Pink chrysanthemums:

Giving someone pink chrysanthemums mean that you really adore and respect them. The flowers are a special gift for Mother’s Day as the pink color symbolizes femininity and the flower represents true and pure love. You can also send this flower color to your close friends or siblings as a symbol of appreciation and likeness.

  • Yellow chrysanthemums:

Yellow is another elegant and bright color that usually means joy and happiness. If you want to appreciate someone for their achievement or just want to say to your friends that you miss them, then yellow chrysanthemums are definitely a wonderful gift for that.

Cultural significance of chrysanthemum flowers:

Did you know that the Chrysanthemum flower has a very special cultural significance?

As mentioned above, the flower is grown in different parts of the world and they have different meanings in different cultures.

Like in Australia, Chrysanthemum flowers are the best gift on Mother’s Day due to their meanings and symbols.

However, in Victorian culture, the flower is best to commemorate friendship. They also give the flower to someone for wishing good health and fortune.

But in Japanese culture, the Chrysanthemum flower usually symbolizes the royal family of the emperor. And in New Orleans, chrysanthemums are always used for All Saints Day celebrations.

Though in Chinese culture, the flower symbolizes death or end. It is also referred to as one of the Four Gentlemen in Chinese culture, which is even useful in representing artworks. 

In fact, chrysanthemum flowers were first grown in China, and it was cultivated from wild blossoms. 

When to give chrysanthemum flowers?

Although the flower is an ideal gift for anyone. You can send them to anybody at any time of the year. However, the best time to give chrysanthemums is on Mother’s Day, or when someone is experiencing difficulties in life. Make sure you choose the right colors before sending the flowers.

Buy the best chrysanthemum flowers:

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