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Popular Christmas Flowers You’d Love to Give Someone This Year

Ready to deck the halls with bright lights, beautiful ornaments, Poinsettia, and red roses? Christmas is around the corner, and you must be wondering what special ornaments could make the place delightful and charming. Other than that, if you want to make someone feel special this year, then giving popular Christmas flowers is another delight.

No matter whether you want to decorate the house or treat someone special with flowers, here you have an opportunity to decide what flowers could make a difference and make your occasion bright, special, and heartwarming.

We have compiled a list of some pretty and popular Christmas Flowers that are easy to source and decorate. When you will care for them correctly, you will probably experience their long lifespan.

What are the Different Types of Christmas Flowers?

There are myriad Christmas flowers available in different shapes, styles, sizes, and patterns. At Flower Delivery Canberra, we help you choose the right flowers for Christmas that could make your day extra special and festive when decorated correctly.

Some of our favorite Christmas flowers are:

  • Christmas Tulips
  • Candy cane roses
  • Poinsettias
  •  And lilies

Popular Flowers for Christmas:

Here are some more popular flowers that look best either decorated in a vase or given to someone who you love and adore.

  • Poinsettias:

Poinsettias are one of the most beautiful and recognizable flowers for Christmas that adorn your home beautifully with their lovely appearance and smell. The flowers are available in bright red color with dark green leaves. However, they are also available in plenty of other colors and styles.

You can grow them in various colors ranging from pink to red and white to other solid colors. The flowers have delicate and speckled leaves, but many florists dye them in different colors that could add sparkle to the bouquet. When combined with red roses, the flowers look awesome and bright.

  • Amaryllis:

Amaryllis is another gorgeous plant popular during the holiday season. The plant is tall, beautiful, and graceful. When you decorate them in the centerpiece, the flowers make a beautiful statement. Their trumpet-like huge flowers look perfect for the Christmas holidays, so when you give them to your loved ones, they would definitely cherish the message.

Available in red varieties, Amaryllis flowers are popular in holidays. They are also available in different colors, such as white to pink and orange to neutral shades. Their petals are delicate yet solid, and striped.

  • Christmas Cactus:

If you want to decorate your place beautifully, the Christmas cactus is the right flower to choose.

The flower naturally blooms in Christmas reason and makes a perfect fit for the holiday. Especially if someone owns this beautiful plant for many years, they will find that the flowers also bloom close to the Thanksgiving season.

Besides their blooming nature, the lush flowers simply hang down like attractive lovely Christmas ornaments from the ends of the leaves.

  • Rosemary:

Rosemary- one of the delicate plants that have not been so popular during the season, but now it is making a great comeback in online flower shops and has been selling out as a favorite flower of many people.

Moreover, rosemary has also been a part of the Nativity story in Baby Jesus’ clothes that were previously on a rosemary bush. That’s why it’s been believed that smelling rosemary plants bring good luck. So, when you send them to your loved ones during the occasion, it simply gives the message of peace, good fortune, and luck.

  • Holly:

Holly is not usually selling as a Christmas plant, but its highly attractive red berries of female holly bushes blooming against the pointed green leaves are definitely the favorite decorations of many people on Christmas.

Holly is also an old and traditional Christmas plant that dates back to the Druids, who believed that this plant brings love, joy, and everlasting life. Many people also adopted this plant as it symbolizes a promise of never-ending life.

  • Mistletoe:

Mistletoe is another popular yet favorite plant of many people in this season. The flower also dates back to Druids, making it the unique flower in the season.

However, unlike holly, people did not consider mistletoe as a tradition, in fact, most of them frowned on it. Now despite being a restrictive decorative item on Christmas, people still prefer to give them to their loved ones. Not only that, but they also decorate the flowers in vases beside windows so it looks stunning and give the message of peace.

Originally, this flower is a symbol of fertility, which is why many couples also give them to express love for each other.

  • Christmas tree:

No house could look elegant during the season if they are not decorating Christmas trees. These stunning trees are actually the primary symbol of peace and unity which people usually express during this laudable occasion. It has become a tradition, and the celebrations are just incomplete without decorating a Christmas tree.

You can find them in various amazing varieties such as white pine, scotch pine, Norway spruce, Blue Spruce, Balsam Fir, Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, and many more.

  • Red roses:

Red roses are an absolute fit to wish someone a merry Christmas. Whether you want to give it to your siblings, best friends, or special person, the flowers are just perfect to strengthen any relationship.

Besides giving them to someone, you can also decorate the home with red roses as their mesmerizing fragrance create striking effects in the entire place.

Buy Christmas Flowers from Flower Delivery Canberra:

Whatever flowers you decide to choose, make sure you are selecting something that delivers the right message to your recipient on this beautiful occasion.

All the flowers we mentioned above are great for both decorative purposes and for giving someone. So regardless of anything you choose, keep in mind that you shop from the right professionals. At Flower Delivery Canberra, we provide fresh Christmas Flowers that are naturally long-lasting, healthy, and perky. Share your requirements with our florists and get a gorgeously designed bouquet delivered to your doorstep.

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