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What is Your Birth Flower? Discover the Meanings in the Birth Month Flowers Chart

When you are asked about your birth month, you probably think about the astrological sign, birthstones, or maybe a few characteristics associated with your birth month, isn’t it?

But have you ever thought about the flowers that are associated with your birth month too? In fact, we believe that many people do not even know that there is a specific birth flower associated with their birth month.

Yes, that’s true. Just like the zodiac signs and different gemstones, your birth month has a flower that has several unique features that usually describe your personality as well.

These flowers are selected based on their botanical significance, some stories associated with them in history, and several other connotations.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to know which flower is associated with your birth month and what specific meaning it carries that also describes your personality traits.

Check out Your Lucky Flower in This Birth Month Flowers Chart:

Now that you know there is a special flower associated with your birth month, so let’s find out more about the flower and the meanings behind it. Let’s see if that flower actually describes your personality traits or not?

1. Birth Flower for January- Carnations:

Carnations are one of the most wonderful and delicate flowers that represent January and often symbolize devotion, love, glory, and fascination- which is why it’s the most incredible gift for Mother’s Day, teacher’s Day, or Christmas.

The flower is available in different colors and types and each color has a specific meaning behind it.  For example, pink carnations mean affection, red carnations mean pure love, white carnations mean good luck and yellow means disappointment.

2. Birth Flower for February- Primrose:

February- the second beautiful month of the year brings some pretty celebrations like Valentines’ Day and birthdays of your near and dear ones. This is the only month with 28 days.

Many people assume roses are the primary flowers for Feb due to Valentine’s Day. however, that’s not true. Feb is associated with Violets that represent truthfulness, loyalty, and intelligence.  If you are born in Feb, these characteristics may define your personality as well.

3. Birth Flower for March- Daffodils:

Daffodil, another bright and beautiful flower in the list that looks extremely charming when added to the bouquet with other flowers. The flower symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings, and innocence.

The flower is also synonymous with Spring and that’s why it is the epitome of rebirth. If your flower is Daffodil, we are sure that you must be compassionate dreamy, independent, sensitive, and artistic as these traits define someone born in March.

4. Birth Flower for April- Daisies:

The birth flower for April is Daisies, which is available in a myriad of colors.  The flower is quite popular with lovers all around the world. people also love to wear it as jewelry as it represents purity and innocence.

April born people with Daisy birth flowers are born leaders. They are strong, powerful, and have an impatient desire to succeed. They are competitive and have beautiful minds. They can make everyone’s life beautiful with their sparkling presence and creative ideas.

5. Birth Flower for May- The Lily of the Valley:

Lily of the Valley is a birth flower for May. In floriography, the flower expresses the purity of heart, honor, and love.

Passion, beauty, and perfection are the primary meanings that are associated with this stunning flower. If you know someone born in May, they must be trustworthy, talented, and have a kind heart.

6. Birth Flower for June- Roses

Well, Roses are the most beautiful flowers on the list that represent pure love, passion, romance, and happiness. Each rose color has different meanings associated with the flower. If you are born in June, you are full of passion, energy, positivity, and must be very charismatic.

Make sure when you give roses to someone, you already know the meaning behind each color. For example, red roses are associated with love & romance, yellow represents friendship, and white roses are related to wedding occasions. Similarly, black roses are usually common in the Halloween season.

7. Birth Flower for July- Larkspur:

Larkspur is another charming flower associated with July. This dolphin-shaped flower has a lot of amazing characteristics and features. It symbolizes an open heart, warmth, love, and kindness.

The lush flower is available in different colors and each color is associated with different meanings such as white larkspur represents happy nature, pink is associated with contrariness, and feelings of first love are usually symbolized by purple.

8. Birth Flower for August- Gladiolus

Do you know someone born in August? If yes, then let’s send them gladiolus flowers that are beautiful and have sword-shaped stems. This long-lasting flower is available in plenty of colors such as pink, purple, yellow, red, and green.

People born in August have some characteristics of the Gladiolus flower as well, they are strong and nominative with a desire to rule others.

9. Birth Flower for September- Aster or Morning Glory

People who are born in September with characteristics of Aster flower have a very kind heart and they have a strong devotion to life. They are also quite intelligent and tend to work hard.

The flower symbolizes faith, love, wisdom, and intelligence. If you want to convey your deep love and affection for someone, this is the perfect flower for you.

10. Birth Flower for October- Marigold

Rich, beautiful, and autumn-colored hues flower called Marigold is associated with October-born people. The flower is colorful and has broad open blooms that symbolize pleasure, bliss, and gratitude.

The flower also represents elegance and devotion. If you are born in October, you must be stubborn at times, but very passionate and creative.

11. Birth Flower for November- Chrysanthemums:

November is associated with the gorgeous flower Chrysanthemums.  The flower symbolizes vitality, cheerfulness, and longevity.

It’s available in different colors with each representing different beautiful meanings. The flower signifies happiness, affection, companionship, and wealth. November-born people with chrysanthemum flowers love to help others and they are the real charmers who also like to make new friends.

12. Birth Flower for December- Poinsettias:

December-born people are associated with flowers called Poinsettias. The flower represents cheer, luck, success, and wishes. Poinsettia flower is available in three awesome colors, red, pink, and white.

If you want to say to someone “you are special”, then this is the right flower to choose. Especially if your recipient is born in December, remember they are honest, spiritual, and lucky as well.

Send the Right Birth Month Flower to Your Dear Ones:

So, now that you got many ideas for giving flowers to someone according to their birth month. Whether it’s your partner or close friend, you can make them feel happy and special by giving these beautiful birth month flowers.

However, if you are still confused and want to know more about their features, check out the detailed birth month flowers chart guide by Flower Delivery Hamilton, and find out what characteristics and features each flower carries based on the designated month.

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