best flowers to give a girl

What are the Best Flowers to Give a Girl?

Are you searching for the best flowers to give a girl? Well, there are a lot of options to consider that can help express your feelings and make your girl’s day special.

However, sending flowers is not only about their perfect looks and color, but their meaning also. If your girl really likes flowers, you need to choose some specific ones that deliver the right meaning based on her personality and occasion.

Well, to impress your girl with flowers is a bit tricky, and this is the reason you should be very careful about picking flowers for her. Like we all know that girls like roses not only due to their fragrance, but they are also the symbol of romance and love.

Hence choosing perfect colors and arrangement is a little more complicated task- which can be surely done by online flower delivery services. They have a huge collection of flowers from which you can choose the right ones based on your occasion and recipient’s preferences.

So, here we have rounded up some best flowers to give a girl that can really make a big impact, and who knows, maybe this sweet and romantic gesture makes her say “Yes” to your proposal?

Pink Roses:

You may feel surprised to know that despite all the color, beauty, and character, the best flowers to give a girl are not red roses, but apparently the pink ones.

Sending a bouquet of roses to everyone you love has become a popular trend, but pink roses are particularly the most optimal choice when it comes to sending flowers to girlfriend, wife, or female friends. A small bouquet of 12 pink roses would be a great token of love which is probably not much pricey as compared to the large bouquets.

Though if she likes oversized bouquets, a blend of pink, red, orange, and green roses would be perfect to send and see a beautiful smile on her face.

However, if the day is a bit special like Birthday or Valentine’s Day, then you can go for red roses as they are the ultimate expression of love, passion, romance, and appreciation.


If you want to send her warmth, love, and affection through flowers, then sunflowers should be your topmost choice as they help you convey a message of cheerfulness, brightness, and perfection.

They do not only represent the beautiful characteristics of the sun, but they also symbolize loyalty, sincerity, and gratitude- which are some essential features of any relationship.

The colors of their bright petals and their delicacy can make your girl’s day better and memorable. Although the flowers scream summertime, but due to their cheerful appearance, they can be sent all year round to anyone.

In fact, this cheerful flower could be the best centerpiece to the bouquet when mixed with roses and lilies. The flowers are perfect for the beautiful lady of your life and thus conveys your heartwarming message in a special way.


Another flower that is loved and appreciated by all the girls is Daisies.

Nevertheless, daisies are considered the best flowers for girls as they represent elegance, beauty, purity, freshness, and innocence.

You can get daisies in different colors and arrangements. Especially if you are relying on flower delivery services in Canberra, you can get exclusive arrangements for every occasion and personality. The flowers deliver an extra level of happiness and cheer.

You can also send Daisies in a mixed bouquet. Make sure you get them in her favorite colors as the color can be an instant mood changer after a long tiring day.


When it comes to sending flowers to your special girl, white lilies are the incomparable option.

The flowers represent purity, calm, peace, and devotion. However, the meaning could vary depending on the type, color, and species. 

Greek myths associate lilies with rebirth and motherhood. But primarily lilies represent good luck and best wishes.

If you want to send your lady a message of good fortune and remind her that you are all devoted to herself, then lilies are the perfect flowers to say so. They are just like an elegant star in your bouquet.


Daffodils are usually given to your partner on the 10th wedding anniversary, but due to their characters, color, and appearance, the flowers are the best choice for your girlfriend too.

So don’t worry, you don’t need to be married to give them to your girl, it just stands for good fortune and lots of prayers.

Sending daffodils is associated with happiness, good luck, and positivity in her life. The flower is associated with freshness, rebirth, and new beginnings. Especially if your girl is out of the city for a big accomplishment, the flower could be a perfect way to send her the message of strength.

Since daffodils are also the first perennials that bloom after winter, the flower also represents hope and optimism. The faith, positivity, happiness, and joy associated with these flowers could make them a solid gift for the girl of your life.


Tulips do not only stand for love, but they present pure and unconditional love.

Their long delicate petals and the meaning associated with them make tulips the most popular flowers in the world. Although the flowers are usually associated with the Netherlands, but they can be given to anyone living around any part of the world.

They also represent love, appreciation, comfort, and warmth. These flowers are not only affordable but also a sweet option for girls.

The flowers are available in different amazing colors. You can send a mixed bouquet of tulips to your girl which would be a perfect and definitely a memorable surprise for her.

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